Factors That Will Impact A Car Accident's Claim Value

Posted on August 8, 2022

There are many factors that can affect the value of a car accident case. Injuries can vary from minor to severe. No matter how minor you may think an injury is, you should seek medical attentionPersonal injury claims are not only based on fault and causality, but also consider other factors that could complicate the situation. The following article will discuss five factors that could impact the amount you receive in damages.

Claim Amount

Michael Beharry is a top Miami car accident attorney. He says that the amount of damages will often reflect the degree and duration of injuries that have prevented one from living the life they want. A minor injury that was treated at the hospital might result in a smaller settlement due to the lesser extent of the damage. A more severe injury, however, will result in more compensation as it can have a greater impact on daily life and cause more suffering.


According to the Beharry Law firm, severity of injuries can have a direct effect on one's quality life and financial compensation. This is sometimes referred to in the medical world as "qualitative weakness" which is how one's ability is affected by injuries.

Temporary vs. Permanent

It is important to decide if you are suing for permanent or temporary injuries. This will determine whether you receive compensation for future or current losses. If you are unable to work due to your injury, compensation may be sought to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. You might be eligible to recover the costs of a program of retraining and the loss of future career opportunities if you are unable to work in the future.


Many injury claims can be tied to your current health situation. Let's say your injuries were caused by a pre-existing condition. This scenario could lead to a reduction in compensation, as it may be difficult to prove the accident caused your injuries. This could be a problem if accidents are not directly related to relationships or due to exceptional circumstances.


Although it might seem unfair to assign fault to either party, there may be instances where the accident caused you to be more negligent than the other. Personal injury cases often include this factor because it is not uncommon for one party or driver to be at fault through unsafe driving techniques, even though they know that it could cause serious injuries. If they fail to take safety precautions, you could have a case against them.

Personal injury cases presented in court will differ depending on the facts of your case and whether you can prove others were responsible. It does not mean you will get compensation just because another person caused your injury. Some factors may be within your control. Others could not.  Reach out to Beharry Law to assist.

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