What To Do If You Are at Fault in a Car Accident

Posted on July 27, 2022

Car accidents happen all the time. Although, they often occur in a quarter of second, they can still be very serious.  Nationally, in 2022, over 5,000,000 car accidents were recorded.  What should you do if you were at fault in a car collision? Although it's not ideal, there are few smart steps you can take.

#1. Don't leave the scene

If you are the victim of an accident, the worst mistake you can make is to leave the scene. This is an illegal act and could result in an arrest or other charges. You may be sentenced to time in prison. Accidents can be very traumatizing for drivers. Drivers may rush to avoid an accident or not stop once it is over. Sometimes you may not be aware that you have caused an accident. It wouldn't stop you from being charged.

There are situations where you might have to leave the accident scene. It could have occurred in an area without good reception. In such cases, you will need to search for the nearest residential or commercial area to get help. If there is a possibility of an explosion, fire, you should move away from the site. No matter what the situation, you must be present at the site of the accident. Even if you need to leave, make sure you're still in the area and wait for assistance. Only after you have given a statement to police and been allowed to leave can you leave.

#2. Call For Assistance

You must ensure that you and all others are checked for injuries after an accident. If someone needs immediate medical attention, you must immediately call the emergency services. Also, call the police. They will send an officer who will write a report. You will be questioned by the police and asked for a short statement. You should provide details such as the location of the accident and who may be responsible. Even if you are aware that you were responsible, you should not admit fault or apologize. The collision could also have been partially caused by the other driver if the investigation is done properly.

#3. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer right away

After you have been cleared to leave the accident site, it is time to contact a professional car accident lawyer at Beharry Law. A lawyer can help you navigate your legal options, conduct an independent investigation, communicate with your insurance company and help you understand what will happen if he needs to fight for you in court .

Accidents can be scary. Accidents can happen and you might be responsible. It is better to be prepared for anything and have the knowledge to handle it.

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